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Are you interested in scuba diving, underwater rugby or freediving and live near Lund?
You are welcome to come and dive with us!


Put on mask, snorkel and fins. Then jump into the water and discover your ability to stay in this environment! Free diving can be practiced by most people, regardless of age and previous experience. It is wonderfully relaxing and peaceful. Take a deep breath, and explore the world down under!

On Mondays, we have training for adults freedivers (16 years and up) at the public swimming pool Högevall in Lund. During most of the year we also make trips to the open sea as often as we can. As example, we are diving at Kullaberg, Barsebäck, Skåre and Dalby.

Scuba Diving

Come and Scuba Dive with us during the nine warmer months. We dive as often as possible during weekends from April to November in the waters around the coasts of Skåne. Usually we dive around the scenic Kullaberg. The water around Kullaberg is a marine nature reserve and offers diving which is very similar to that found further north along the west coast. The club RIB (motorboat) Bismarck eliminates the need to lug the heavy equipment down Kullaberg's steep cliffs.

Underwater Rugby

UW-Rugby is a fast-paced sport that is practiced in three dimensions. UV Rugby (previously called underwater polo) is a demanding team sport that will test your physical limits. You will quickly develop as a freediver too, for example, your carbon tolerance is improved after only a few training sessions! There are two goal baskets on the bottom of a 5m deep pool, one ball and six players in each team equipped with fins and mask. We are a happy group of varying ages who exercise every Monday at Högevallsbadet, you are anytime welcome to train with us. Equipment can be borrowed, but notify us in good time!
PLEASE NOTE: This activity has been put on hold due to lack of interest from members. We will arrange a trial class if you're able to gather a group of five interested participants.

Training and Try Out

We are training at Högevallsbadet in Lund Mondays 20-21.30 and Fridays 19.30-21. We practice both diving and underwater rugby in parallel on Mondays. Before you decide to join you can show up on any Monday and try out our activities for free. Just contact us by filling out the form or sending us an email.


With three different activities in one club, you can participate in any of these sports and still only pay a single membership. An Aqualund membership includes SSDF membership, which includes insurance and the magazine Sport Diver.

In order to become or remain a member you must pay the membership fee to the club's Giro account, account number: 479 46 78-5 (state your social security number and category of membership). See the interactive tab Become a member for more info about types of membership and fees.

If you have previously filled out our membership form and do not need to change any information or consent, you should not fill out the form again. When payment is registered and we have received the form, you will receive a membership card.

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